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Flight Data

There is a lot of data these days on the web to my own surprise (positive one). As I had few hours of time to analyze some, I am going to share few graphs, which you can create by simple python scripts for flight analysis. The analysis uses three different datasets: Cities by populationAirports dataFlights data (for January 2017) You can create pie chart summary of how many flights which airline has: Or you can create a map of flights within USA: Or you can look, which city is so special when it comes to amount of flights per population.
And yes, Atlanta Georgia is the city which has most connecting flights.

Cancún, Mexico

It was long overdue to test out my brand new passport and get a first stamp. Decision where was simple. I always enjoy my trips to Mexico. Pleasant weather, nice beaches and friendly people. Could one ask for more? This time it was Cancún. If you are looking for a good restaurant, Rolandi's is a good one - their family recipe soup is small piece of heaven (and they also know what 'Al dente' means :) ). If you want your titanic moment and you enjoy swimming with mammals, I recommend Dolphin discovery. Two dolphins will push you out of water and do the magic. It's kind of hard to believe that it is possible, but it is... After this experience, I have no doubts dolphins are super smart and communicate well. Get ready for some serious kisses.