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New greenish art in Fort Lauderdale

  Greenish cool art

First speed test of GPU RTX 3090 using OpenCL

So I wanted to test the new GPU RTX3090 from NVIDIA. I created simple software in OpenCL C++, which is comparing single threaded CPU execution and GPU execution of Newton's method. Code for OpenCL C++ Speed Up GPU test Kernel code is super simple for each GPU core (just simple Newton iteration): __kernel void make_step_kernel(__global float *outp, int batchSize) { int tid = get_global_id(0); if (tid < batchSize) { float tmp = outp[tid]; for(int j=1;j<30000;j++) { tmp -= 0.0001f * 2.0f * (tmp - 5.0f); } outp[tid] = tmp; } } Just iterate 30,000 times. Speed up in comparison with single thread on CPU is ~ 4200 times and when considering that CPU frequency is 3.8 Ghz and GPU core frequency is 1.7 GHz, theoretical speed up is 4204.213465 * 3.8 / 1.7 ~ 9397.65, which is very close to amount of GPU cores RTX 3090 has (10496). Pretty impressive GPU :).


I built new PC for the NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3090  GPU card. I decided for Fractal Meshify C Tempered Glass  case, MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI motherboard and  AMD RYZEN 5 3600X processor with 6 cores and 12 threads. I wanted more cores & threads for CPU, but as majority of computations will be running now on GPU anyway, this will do for now. Connecting all the pieces and plugging it in the case was super simple. All cables nicely marked and figuring out where to plug what was not that hard (checkout youtube videos if you have troubles figuring something out). Newegg delivered in several packages, which were tracked by UPS. Getting new drivers for GPU after installing Ubuntu was super simple through Software & Updates. And running DeeperThought worked great after installing CUDA with command line. Just type nvcc in terminal and installation command appears. Temperature and wattage went up immediately once computations started. Card is super quiet though (you can hear it, but i

When you go to NASA / SpaceX launch in person

  Highlights From SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Astronaut Launch for NASA

Some positive news on COVID vaccine — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 13, 2020 Let's see if and when FDA approves. From FDA's website : “We are committed to expediting the development of COVID-19 vaccines, but not at the expense of sound science and decision making . We will not jeopardize the public’s trust in our science-based, independent review of these or any vaccines. There’s too much at stake.” New daily cases in USA: Filtered derivative of filtered new daily cases: The speed of spreading is more than triple in comparison with March and July. Coronavirus Source Data

When you find lite introduction to chemistry on youtube

I don't know much about chemistry and lately I have been watching lots of youtube videos I found due to interesting content, showing the experiments and some explanations of what's going on (showing the formulas too as well as research papers he occasionally checks). If you have time and you find chemistry fascinating, check out youtube channel of NileRed . In his videos he is recommending also other channels, so you might end up with lots of cool content to watch.