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The Milky Way billiard just started

Why NASA Really, Really Wants to Slam a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid

When you create 3D attractors with subdivision algorithm

  3D glasses needed Attractors Github code for subdivision algorithm

When you create 3D attractor

  3D Anaglyphic Stereoscopic glasses Github code Rössler attractor in 3D Chaotic attractor Halvorsen attractor

No wonder Bobby Fischer moved to Iceland

  Seems like Iceland people have good sense of humor

Double shot Thursday

  As December is approaching and some travels are inbound, I got my flu-shot and as I had my Covid second shot more than 6 months ago , I got booster shot for Covid-19 as well. If third shot is anything like second, tomorrow is going to be "fun", especially in combo with the flu-shot. Wallgreen flu-shots Covid trend still the same - get vaccinated: Covid trend

Exciting news from AMD

  AMD MI200 Not only 14k cores, but also FP64!!! Let's go wider :)

When you expand your book collection with another library book

  Amazon delivers all kinds of used books for great price