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Testing Ubuntu 19.04

I was keenly waiting on release of new Ubuntu 19.04 to ditch the old system (yes, full disk erase option in installation worked like magic).
It comes pre-installed with Firefox and LibreOffice, but installation of Google Chrome was more than simple through the Firefox web browser.
After installation, nvidia-smi was there as well with CUDA 10.1 installed! Yay!

The only thing that was missing (for me) was CUDA Toolkit, which was easily installed with command 'sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit'. (No restart needed! Whoa)
Compilation of DeeperThought had some warnings, but compiled successfully and after downloading MNIST dataset for DeeperThought, training worked as well.
Creating Wi-Fi hotspot took less than 5 seconds! Installation of GIMP through 'Ubuntu Software' icon on sidebar was simple too.

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