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When you are looking forward to see new movie and it's not out yet

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Saturday feast

Bean soup
You need to cook red kidney beans, potatoes and salt for a long time and for last five minutes add sugar and sour cream.

Slovak Halushky
For mini-gnocchi you need over cooked potato, flour, eggs and salt to make the dough and boil in water till small pieces start to float. Take out and add cheese, sour cream, onion cut to pieces fried to gold and bacon fried to crispy.
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Training wide networks for MNIST with PyTorch

These days, deep networks are very popular. For MNIST dataset, pytorch has very simple script for training. But you can also train wide networks and achieve accuracy of 99.42 % (same as in DeeperThought and WideOpenThoughts configG). Here is a script for wide pytorch training. Testing accuracy progress (max is 99.42 %): Or if you want to go even further, you can achieve similar with really wide networks.

Testing Visual Studio Community 2019

So I created a new project 'Windows Forms App (.NET Core)':

And I wanted to modify Form1 in designer:

But the visual editor of Form1 does not appear:

When I try to do same in 'WPF App (.NET Framework)':

View designer:

It works:

Seems like old way of doing things stopped working in Visual Studio Community 2019.

Testing Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10
Wide Open Thoughts works like magic (no need to install OpenCL as it is there already). The only issue for me so far is WiFi Hotspot, which doesn't seem to work.

Update November 3rd 2019: WiFi Hotspot works after installing new version of iOS 13.2 on Apple's iPhone. (It seems this was issue of iPhone's iOS, not Ubuntu. Though, Windows 10 PC machine will not be able to connect to this network.)

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