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Snow Lake

Snow Lake is one of my favorite hikes near Seattle. It is less than one hour drive from Greater Seattle area (exit 52 on I-90) and is stunning. Hike up in summer is around one hour only and the view completely worth it. In winter, depending on amount of snow and if hiking without snowshoes, it can take even four - five hours to get up there, but going down in that case is blast. You just roll down. Watch out for avalanches in winter. I haven't encountered one ever, but people say it does happen.

Easter at Havasupai

This year, on Easter week, I spent three days at Havasupai , Grand Canyon , Arizona. So I am sharing few pictures from the trip. End of April weather was sunny, not too hot and people living in village very pleasant. You have two choices when you go: lodging or camping (carry your own stuff or use their horse / mule services). If you decide for camping and carrying your own camping gear, don't forget going back up to hilltop, especially the last mile, can be quite steep so you want to be there when it's not too hot during the day. Few pictures (which do not give enough credit to how beautiful it is there):