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Random things around us

Today, I went through my iPhone and realized I have quite a good collection of "weird" things I took pictures of within last two years. Some of the things so endlessly weird, they become either cute, funny or ...
This was found in Myrtle Edwards park in Seattle. So simple, so weird, so true:

This one was taken somewhere on i-90 after some hike. One of the cutest love letters I ever read displayed publicly:

From a book. Somewhat funny:

Endless truth found in San Diego:

It does not really matter what you imagine, just imagine something and go for it. Isn't that life about? Central Park NYC:

This made me giggle (somewhere in NYC). Quite a solid message:

This was a good read in my favorite spot in NYC (Highline park):

This guy was chilling in Carmel-By-The-Sea:

And this is from my recent invited visit to Microsoft in San Francisco: