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Sunday feast

Slovak Svieckova & Czech duck with red cabbage For dumpling all you really need (and steam on water): yeast sugar water salt flour olive oil For red cabbage: red cabbage sugar salt cumin seed butter fat from baking duck For svieckova (pressure cooker speeds things up): beef carrots (lots) onions (less) apples are option as well (but not necessary) spices (go nuts) salt half and half To bake duck: water salt butter duck Sponsored by friends

When you start a second row

On references in printed science journals

I recently read paper in scientific journal, which cites my publication, but does not have all authors in references. I understand when pre-print might have a mistake - it happens. But if a printed journal does not check names of all authors in references before printing, what else can they miss? Example publication: Link 1 Missed one author #1 (IEEE): Link 2 Author name misspelled #2 (Taylor): Link 3 Another author missed #3 (Springer): Link 4 I wonder if at least online versions could be fixed. What is printed is already printed - fine, but online versions should not take much time to be fixed. I informed one of the journals just out of curiosity what they do. It has been quiet with no response yet.

When you setup new desk

When having accent pays off (kind of)

Ethan is a nice name. Peter ain't bad either.