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When you still remember ...

Julius Krempasky , FEI STU  [ news ] My favorite quote from him: "And that's where there is a place for God." - during his lecture on chaos equations, bifurcations and simple model of cancer.

Favorite movie of 2019

The Biggest Little Farm

Poppy seed roll

Makový závin For dough you need: warm milk warm water mixed with sugar and yeast (wait till it bubbles) flour olive oil melted butter vanilla extract (tiny bit) cinnamon (tiny bit) For insides: grind poppy seeds (lots) with mixer powder sugar (lots) butter grind apple (less) with mixer

San Diego

Wonder Spaces

Rohlik with red paprika cheese spread

Rohlik (with milk) Rohlik (without milk) For rohlik, you need: warm (not hot) water, sugar, yeast (wait till it starts bubbling) warm milk (you can do it without milk too, but with milk it's even better) flour salt melted real butter olive oil sea salt on top Make a dough, rolls from it and bake (spray with water on regular basis, bake at 450 °  Fahrenheit ~ 230 °  Celsius)! Hungarian? cheese spread For spread you need: spreadable cow cheese butter milk young onion cut to pieces red Hungarian paprika

Circle rainbow in a cloud