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My favorite music albums (so far)

Alessia Cara Know It All (2015)Amy Winehouse Back to Black (2006)Celine Dion Taking Chances (2007)Damien Rice O (2002)Dara Rolins Darinka (1986)Dara Rolins Sen lasky (1997)Dara Rolins ETC (2017)David Archuleta Christmas from the Heart (2009)Ears Pearsing (2000)Ears Adamaeva (2002)Ears Vlny (2014)George Michael Listen Without Prejudice (1990)George Michael Songs from the Last Century (1999)Haley Reinhart Better (2016)Hayley Jensen Note To Self (2007)Imagine Dragons Radioactive (2012)Jana Kirschner Krajina Rovina (2010)Jason Derulo Platinum Hits (2016)Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks (2007)Justin Timberlake Justified (2002)Kelly Clarkson Breakaway (2004)Kelly Clarkson Piece By Piece (2015)Kelly Clarkson Meaning Of Life (2017)Norah Jones Come Away with Me (2002)OneRepublic Dreaming Out Loud (2007)P!nk Greatest Hits... So Far!!! (2010)Peha Best of Peha (2006)Shawn Mendes Handwritten (2015)Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club (1993)Sheryl Crow The Very Best of Sheryl Crow (2003)Sia Best of (201…

When you get really excited

Coffee and news at Starbucks


Word Replaceability & On Linear Regression

Today I gave a research talk, and so I am sharing slides for Word Replaceability & On Linear Regression.