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Dumplings are steamed, bread is baked

Another crusty bread recipe To make bread, it's very similar to making dumpling with main difference - dumplings are steamed on water, bread is baked. Ingredients for bread: warm (not hot) water, sugar and yeast (wait till it bubbles) salt flour olive oil cumin seed

My favorite documentaries

Now that mostly everyone sits at home, here are three breath taking documentaries: Man on Wire (2008) Citizenfour (2014) Free Solo (2018)

When you know you will be sheltering at home longer as numbers still don't go down

Official message USA COVID-19 stats

When people writing about Einstein don't check Einstein's most famous quotes

Sorry, Einstein – You’re Probably Not the Best Role Model  (Hard workers may make better role models than geniuses) Quote from Einstein : "Genius is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent hard work."

When you find another reason against open offices

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially,  and how to "flatten the curve" Besides other studies:  The Truth About Open Offices

When COVID-19 hits hard and cancels your plans

:( Seems like for a month or two, there will not be much happening. Total Coronavirus Cases in the United States

When you notice ribbon menu in LibreOffice

Ribbon Menu Microsoft introduced ribbons a while back in 2007 and 13 years later, you can find ribbons as default in LibreOffice. I just noticed few days ago. Cute. ( LibreOffice  Version: In case Linux enthusiasts will want to experiment with live tiles, please don't make it too flashy. Functional live tiles instead of flashy (and eye grabbing & distracting) live tiles preferred here.

When you enjoy a movie

Bombshell (2019)

Testing Zorin OS Core

Zorin OS Core This time I actually did not install the OS, but I am writing this from running live image from USB disk of Zorin OS Core. Running Wide Open Thoughts  was easy, I had to install g++ and OpenCL, but otherwise smooth as it should be. Default text editor highlights C++ code nicely (see below). Installing Google Chrome from Firefox was easy, no need to touch the command line. Settings are nice. GIMP was already there, LibreOffice as well. Didn't notice a single problem.

Half Dome, Yosemite