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Blue screen is back

Lately, on my Windows, I was receiving quite a lot of blue screen, so I thought re-installing Windows will help as I need to use Microsoft Office. Even though I reinstalled it from scratch and system is now completely new, I am still seeing blue screen. This is quite unpleasant surprise considering Windows 10 used to be quite stable operating system. Blue screen is back on Windows 10 Looking at my Device Manager, all drivers seem to be fine, so not really sure what could be cause of the blue screen. Device Manager doesn't seem to show any drivers issue

Testing Octave on Ubuntu 20.04

GNU Octave software can be found through Ubuntu Software: GNU Octave After going through welcome screen, basic 3D plot test worked just fine:

When you clearly see that lockdown was necessary with one graph

There was a lot of speculation if lock-down was really necessary and there is one simple graph showing that amount of deaths we see even with the lock-down is out of normal for this period of year. Even with lock-down, we are far from "normal"

Testing Ubuntu 20.04

So today is release of Ubuntu 20.04, so it was time to install it. Microsoft seems to have quite a presence on welcome screen (Skype & Visual Studio Code). Ubuntu 20.04  - welcome screen I had tiny issues with second monitor, which was not displaying anything, so I had to uninstall NVIDIA drivers and install again, reboot and second monitor started to work. This was little weird as I ended up using same drivers, but at the end it works. Reinstalling nvidia drivers fixes problems with second monitor Naturally, I tested Wide Open Thoughts and it works. OpenCL seems to work on Ubuntu 20.04 Another minor weirdness is clicking on 'Ubuntu Software' icon, which opens 'Software Install' icon.

When entertainment arrives

Misfits VLC

Three years of blogging

Google Analytics

When you go grocery shopping and covid-19 numbers jump up again

Mask does not mean we will never get it, it only means we still want to slow things down and minimize unnecessary overwhelming of hospitals. California stats - last two days jump up again

When June concert is still not cancelled

I love going to concerts, especially when Sheryl Crow is on. I even have tickets. But it's supposed to happen on June 6th. Tickets for  Echoes Through The Canyon: Brandi Carlile with Sheryl Crow & Yola  are still available. But other large venues such as Wimbledon 2020 were cancelled . While there might be little bit more freedom (less people in shelter mode) in June than it is now, large venues such this seem a bit risky. Unless I don't know about something. From Sheryl's 2015 concert

When you try running C# software on Linux

Life would be so nice if you could just take C# software and run it on Linux as well (not just on Windows). Luckily, there is Mono Project . And installing Mono is easy . You install few more libraries ( Gtk & canberra-gtk-module), because you see errors. And then you still can't run Optirol . And then you realize why . So you try MonoDevelop . Disable the chart: //private Chart chart1; And it can actually compile and runs from the C# code for Optirol : It crashes after computations are done when it most likely tries to use OpenGL through SharpGL dll. But it runs...

Optirol code now on github

I had time to decompile Optirol code , clean it up, improve a bit the code (add Runge-Kutta ) and now it is shared on github project for Optirol . Enjoy

Testing Ubuntu 20.04 Daily Build (Kernel Freeze)

Today is the day of kernel freeze for Ubuntu 20 based on their schedule . So I tested it out. Wide Open Thoughts worked fine.  Installation of Google Chrome from command line went fine as well. System seems to be functional, stable and I have not seen any issue yet. If you want to try it out, you can head to their daily build site .

Ubuntu ahead of the game

Today I read news:  Windows 10 is getting Linux files integration in File Explorer . Ubuntu 19 can access windows disk already. Ubuntu 20.04 coming soon

When you see light at the end of the tunnel

COVID-19 USA COVID-19 California

Japanese no handshake hello

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director, said Americans should never shake hands again , in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other diseases. Japanese way: Hello in Japanese

Altitude, not attitude


Reality check

Dr. Anthony Fauci