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So freaking cool

SpaceX Demo-2 Crew Dragon hatch opening

When you start missing going to restaurants


When you watch launch of Crew Dragon from your living room

NASA & SpaceX

The New York Times front page today

The New York Times front page May 24th 2020

Running Linux (Ubuntu) on Windows

Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds, but why not? First, you need to go to Windows features: And enable Windows Subsystem for Linux Then go to Microsoft Store and choose linux you want to run: And then voila, you are running Ubuntu on Windows from command line: So I tested out Wide Open Thoughts  and  POPC examples python . In first case, GPU could not be found, and in second case graphs did not show up. But based on news, it should be coming [ GUI app support and GPU hardware acceleration ].

When you initially use print statement to display picture

But it looks so cute with print (vertical or horizontal flip?). Left - print statement, Right - matplotlib

New in the GPU world

NVIDIA was cooking Their new A100 has more cores ( 6912 FP32 CUDA ), more memory (40GB of HBM2 memory) and takes more power than usual GPUs (400W). AMD cooked up new version of Radeon VII called Radeon PRO VII , with same amount of cores (3840), same size of memory (16GB HBM2) and less needed power (down to 250W ). Seems like we are not going to have again 8k cores on one GPU ( old Radeon Pro Duo ) anytime soon. But supposedly, Intel is cooking as well .

When reddit user scores big time

Total deaths per week in the Netherlands from 1995 to 2020 Number of deaths per day and cumulative deaths in France from 2000 to 2020

When you order used book and it turns out to be library book

Used, cheap, but in great shape

When your preprint hits two hundreds reads

Linear Regression on a Set of Selected Templates  from a Pool of Randomly Generated Templates More info under Deep vs Wide .