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On foldable desings of phones

Apple filed a patent for foldable phone (news, patent). Yes, I am super excited about foldable phones, but here is why I don't like this design as much as I like design from Huawei. It's all about durability. If you fold the phone with screen inside, at the point of fold, there will be more pressure on screen at the place due to bigger folding angles and smaller length of the fold, while if you fold with display outside, the pressure is distributed over longer length and the angles are smaller. Hence, design will allow it for more folds and hence it should be more durable. The only advantage of folding the screen inside is protection of it, but we can always have keys in other pocket than our phones, can't we? Winner: Huawei design. I understand that Apple might have come late to game and the patent for having the screen folded outside is gone... So now the only question is if Apple can actually design foldable screen, which folds inside and can be durable or give up and work out agreement with whoever owns the good foldable patent. Also, having screen outside during the fold allows us still use part of screen that way, which is another plus and whole reason why I would want a foldable phone. So I have two modes, one for smaller screen, one for bigger screen.