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When you go on a date with yourself

  Pasta Aglio e Olio

Fort Lauderdale, FL upgraded

  What used to be parking lot by the beach is now cool park.

Castillo de San Marcos


Hey Siri

Hey Siri, read me the most important news of the day. Siri understood and chose for me NPR . I would not mind 15 minutes of the news (instead of 3 minutes), you know I am driving and have time to listen. (The above pictures were taken while parked with car to show example)

Chain Lakes, Sierra National Forest


When you use noise layer instead of dropout layer in neural network

Google has patent for dropout layer . So if you don't want to violate it, you might as well just use random noise layer. Results pretty similar for MNIST. convolution,1,28,28,200,8,8,0.5,-0.001 max,200,21,21,7,7 noise,1800,0.5 matrix,1800,130,0.5,-0.001 sigmoid,130 matrix,130,10,0.5,-0.001 softmax,10 Tested with WideOpenThoughts

When all you have to do is bring smiling face and a bottle of wine

When you downgrade GPU

WideOpenThoughts works even on GTX 1060 for laptops


Crew Demo-2 Splashdown

Return of NASA's astronauts

You can watch on LinkedIn now or Youtube