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Cool thunderstorm in FLL

Another nice design of foldable phone

  Royole FlexPai 2 [Besides already mentioned  Huawei Mate XS ]

Well, not today

  GeForce RTX 3090 out of stock on first day of sale Research postponed

When your desk becomes much nicer 2


Lazy Friday pizza

  Ham, mushrooms, onions

When you get warm welcome in Florida for 15 minutes or less


Hungarian Goulash

 All you need is pressure cooker and following: spices (including salt & pepper) - go nuts potatoes beef pepper cut to pieces tomatoes carrots are only optional (not included this time in picture below) You pressure cook 30-40 minutes and lick your empty plate afterwards. Hungarian Goulash Fun fact - Hungarians eat it as a main meal (with dumplings for example), while East Slovakians eat it as a soup. Even as soup it can be main meal (but doesn't have to) and you can eat it with freshly baked bread.

When you setup new desk 2


Wow - 10k cores GPU

Based on rumors, I wasn't that excited about NVIDIA event today, but now that I checked NVIDIA's website - wow. Here we go. Finally GPU with over 8k cores I was dreaming about: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3090 AMD, Intel - what's your answer to 10496 GPU cores for 1499 USD , which is a good price considering the big step NVIDIA did. Congrats to NVIDIA for achieving this.