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Test of Ubuntu 20.10

 Well, it was little rough - first got an error during installation: But somehow, I could still log in after reboot & even update worked fine: So I wanted to switch graphics driver so I could do all wonderful things with OpenCL & CUDA: But even that turned out a bit problematic: So I guess I will just have to wait for Ubuntu 21.04, which is scheduled for this April sometime , as 20.10 is little "rough". Seems like Ubuntu 21.04 will not come with latest GNOME though .

Favorite movies of 2020

Yes, there were way less movies than usual and even the ones which came out, some of them were a little underwhelming when it came to my expectations (Maybe I was too excited to see it?). So, here are the most intriguing movies / documentaries / tv shows of 2020 I noticed: The Boys in the Band Hillary (documentary) Brave New World

Happy 20-th birthday Wikipedia

  20 years with Wikipedia (January 15th, 2001)