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Clustered internet search

There is many internet search providers these days, but they all give you very simple result of one column results. It's 2021 so I would expect internet searches to compete not only when it comes to their internal algorithms, but visual appearance and some clustering of results as well.

Example - Google:

So much unused space for our wide & high resolution monitors

How it could be:
Three columns - 2 dominant clusters with their keywords + 1 cluster with the rest of the links
Simple and great, right?

It's 2021... Anyone?
Are the Yahoo patents from 2004 stopping us from doing something great?
Seems like there is already even paper from Beihang University in 2006.
Who is going to be first and do it well?
And more importantly - why did Yahoo give up such a great patent? 🤦

Google is somewhat already heading in that direction, but in my opinion not enough:
Minor attempt for clustering

And for people with low resolution monitor?
Just show old one column result.