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Testing Deepin linux distro

I had my eye on Deepin 20.2 distribution for a while, so I wanted to test it out. As they don't have option try before install (no live run from USB), it took me some time to finally try it. But here it is. It does look pretty:

The good stuff:
  • installation was easy
  • it has its own "Paint" program
  • it comes preinstalled with LibreOffice
  • installation of Google Chrome is easy
  • their app store works as well (tried installing VLC from there)
  • transparency and blurring of terminal works really nicely
  • OS feels fast and responsive
The not so good stuff:
  • you need to log out and log in if you want to change Display Scaling, which is quite annoying
  • no live test run from USB, only install
  • installing CUDA, drivers for NVIDIA card were not as easy as on Ubuntu
And then there is really bad stuff:
I guess it still needs some polishing before people can seriously use it for working as well (if you want to use CUDA or OpenCL).