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Chicken red sauce pasta

This recipe is a bit of a cheat, because I use pre-made sauce, but as I also add some fresh onion and tomato, it's only semi-cheat :).

What you need:

  • pasta
  • salt
  • pre-made tomato sauce (I use roasted garlic sauce)
  • onions (cut to small pieces)
  • tomatoes (cut to small pieces)
  • chicken breast (cut to small pieces)
  • garlic powder
  • pepper
  • olive oil
You cook pasta for 6-7 minutes in water with salt till al dente or as your package says and then drain it and let it sit while you make the sauce. Start with olive oil and onions, once onions are golden, add chicken, once chicken is half through cooked add tomatoes and add salt and pepper and garlic powder. Once it's all ready, add the pre-made tomato sauce and let it sit together for a bit longer on the heat. Take off the heat, mix up with pasta and serve on a plate. Also, chicken breast is only optional, depending if you need some less fatty protein in your food. You can sprinkle with some cheese (parmesan), but that's again optional. It should taste well even without.
Pair with red wine or milk.