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Quite a crispy read

If you ever wondered what it's like to become a scientist, this is probably a great read for you (no matter what kind of organs you possess). Unlike Isaacson's other books, this one involves still living scientists so there are some excerpts from conversations with these scientists - hence it's way more fun to read. Middle of the book gets a little depressing (ego and patent fights), but that belongs to science as well I guess. Once you get through it, it gets more exciting once again as the philosophical questions come up. You can look at the book not only as a biography of current events, but as a 500 page research overview "paper" (it's no longer paper due to its length) as it contains tons of citations (hence somewhat scientific approach in writing style). Naturally and not surprisingly, Gattaca and Brave New World are both mentioned within the book :). The book is definitely a page turner and you will run out of pages pretty quickly. I would call it "The Genes Fixers" though?

And I guess one more comment. Science is about moving God out of the equations and taking more responsibility on our own shoulders. It's not about playing God as that is impossible.