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Cape Florida Lighthouse


When 5+ years of reviews is finally over

  Today, it's official official. Almost one year of playing with one idea only and looking at it from all possible angles, plus 5+ years of reviews is a long time. I just wanted to be sure it's going to be good (the one year of playing around - not 5+ years of reviews...). Confirmed I had to convert my restroom into server room in 2015, as AMD Radeon R9 Nano was quite loud (and I do love my sleep). "Whatever it takes..." And once I submitted the first time in June 2016, quick barista "internship" at Starbucks, which was fun. Barista experience Linear Regression on a Set of Selected Templates from a Pool of Randomly Generated Templates is coming...

Mask up indoors, once again

  Fifth COVID wave is here, mask up indoors if you care . This was not that unexpected as it already happened in UK  and as we also have under 50% of population vaccinated in USA: Under 50% fully vaccinated as of July 20 Fifth COVID wave in USA To find out where you can get vaccine, go to  -  before it's too late .

That was smooth


Au revoir, my friend

We never met, but I still feel like you were  are my friend. Thank you for the laughs and wisdom in your books. Milan Lasica

Miami Beach


Baked chicken breast with veggies

  Quite easy recipe, all you need is chicken breast, bunch of veggies and bake in oven with water and little olive oil in glass: olive oil water chicken breast tomatoes bell peppers onions garlic salt & pepper Before After Serve with brown rice

Happy Fourth