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When orchid starts blooming again

  I wasn't really expecting it to bloom as it started to have new leaves. What a surprise.

Testing Manjaro KDE 21.1.0

  First, it seems like old bug is fixed , which is nice. Making WideOpenThoughts and DeeperThought  run was little more hassle than usual (nvcc directory was not added to path automatically and I had to install more packages for opencl to find platform - I am not even sure which one made it actually run...). But at the end it works nicely and being able to see GPU usage in widget is quite awesome. Manjaro 21.1.0 Unlike in Ubuntu right now, opening links from PDF viewer to Google Chrome actually works. And yeah - some widgets (comic strip) I still can't seem to make run properly...

Are deep neural networks really that deep?

  We chose to call neural networks 'deep learning'. I seem to have a minor issue with this name as I think more appropriate name (at least for now) would be 'deeper learning'. Why deeper instead of deep? Well, if you look how wide current neural networks are (how many features are coming out) and how deep they are (number of layers), it seems that for a lot of neural networks - they are way more wide than deep. For example - Resnet for CIFAR-10  has 41 layers and 512 features are coming out. It seems wider than deep, hence I believe it's more of a "deeper learning" than "deep learning". Resnet for CIFAR-10 I tried to find today neural network, which would be deeper than wider, but I failed - but my search was not complete as I used only internet and not some university library and a lot of articles are behind the pay walls. But maybe the reason why I failed is very linear . Disclaimer: I am no longer employee of Deep Learning Technology Center i


  Can music can get any better?!? Melody, lyrics, voices united... Dara Rolins - Solvejzina Pisen Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love The Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber - Stay Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece Continuation of  My favorite songs (so far)

Lovers Key State Park

  And few more from way back: Quite intimidating look...

When you enjoy new feature on Google Chrome

Google Chrome Could it be scrollable please with more? :) And no need for opened tabs... I already see them  

When you realize there are actually three movies about Alan Turing

  There is a recent book named "The Code Breaker", which is more about " The Genes Fixers ". Truth be told, only Alan Turing deserves to be called The Code Breaker . Just yesterday I realized there are actually three movies about Alan Turing: Enigma (2001) - the BS movie, let's "straighten" it up Codebreaker (2011) - let's make some pressure - low budget movie The Imitation Game (2014) - ding ding ding It "only" took 90 years to do it right.

When you wonder where Wikipedia links go

  Wikipedia URLs

So you don't want vaccine?

  Number of new deaths in 30 days / Number of new cases in 30 days Sure, probability of dying is lower than at the beginning of pandemics (new disease & overflowing hospitals), but it's still pretty bad (it still did not converge to almost zero and is fluctuating around 2%) and vaccines are best solution so far. Data source for the graph:

When you have no clue what you are doing

  But the orchid lady has some advice :) Seems like my orchid had a "baby" Well, one of them - I planted two together, once they lost their flowers, to "suffer" together Let's see if it survives It's definitely looking good

Self-driving cars are a ‘hard problem’?

  News: Elon Musk just now realizing that self-driving cars are a ‘hard problem’ Answer: No, they are not. You just need a "ton" (a lot) of different kinds of sensors  and make the system more reliable than human drivers (less accidents - no need to get 99.9999% error rate ). Considering that: #1 Humans are not so great at driving #2 AI can beat "top" humans in at least two specific tasks - chess  (1997) & go (2017) already self-driving cars should not be a hard problem [they need to "beat" (be safer) "average human" on a road, not Michael Schumacher]. A hard problem would be making quantum computing really useful (at least for me).

Interesting studies

News:  Earth's energy imbalance removes almost all doubt from human-made climate change Research: Anthropogenic forcing and response yield observed positive trend in Earth’s energy imbalance Satellite and Ocean Data Reveal Marked Increase in Earth’s Heating Rate