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Pyston's performance almost as unimpressive as Python's

  I just read about pyston , so after reading how to install it , I gave it a shot. Old script , new results. Script execution in seconds (lower is better) Seems like both python3 and pyston have some catching up to do when it comes to performance (especially when using dictionaries). Not even close to C# and pypy  is still the best. (C# was not retested, but pypy and python3 was). And to make it complete, why not include C++ STL ? Execution: Performance comparison: Script execution in seconds (lower is better) Not really sure how pypy outperforms C++ STL, but quite impressive to say the least. I wasn't really expecting it. Script for C++: #include <iostream> #include <iterator> #include <map> #include <time.h> #include <cstdlib> #include <stdio.h> #include <sys/time.h> #include <math.h> using namespace std; int main () {     map<string, bool> dic;     for(int i=0;i<10000001;i++)     {         if(i%1000000==0)         {  

When you go through your old pictures and find the "values"

  Some meetings can be fun You can guess three times who suggested #1 Sorry for blurring the rest - those were actually serious #1 survived only a minute or two during the meeting, but boy was it fun to see it there temporarily [most companies have their values on their web  if you wonder what the meeting was about]

Diskette icon still going strong (lol)

  I am excited about new Visual Studio Community 2022 coming out soon, as Microsoft definitely fixed their older problems and now it's way faster than VS Community 2019 (at least the preview 4 was). From Microsoft blog, they claim that "We’ve upgraded the UI in Visual Studio 2022" : Diskette icon for saving files still going strong in VS 2022 Who is going to tell them that diskettes ( floppy disks ) are quite retired and icon needs update just after they did the refresh? đź¤­ I looked also out of curiosity at LibreOffice and they still use it as well: Looking at Google's Docs, it seems like they successfully retired it and moved on.

If I could "blow my brain out" with your voice, I probably would

It's just Apple said - Peter, enough of volume on your headphones :) Probably not a bad decision... My headphones have trouble to handle it anyway. My ears are fine though. Thanks for asking. Oh you didn't? Oh well  

How pretty can Feren OS be?

  Turns out - quite pretty :)

WiFi vs CAT 8 Ethernet cable

  WiFi card (left) vs Cat 8 cable (right) Internet speed comparison Seems like cables are more than a bit faster

Feren OS - not your average Linux distro

  Wow. What a positive surprise. I tried today Feren OS ( based on YouTube recommendation ) for the first time and I have to say I am quite pleased. Let's start with the good stuff. During install, it gives you option to replace partition as it is done in Manjaro as well (Ubuntu - time to catch up): And this just blew my mind - no more troubles to install my favorite Chrome and google how to do it on which distro: You can switch GPU driver in Driver Manager: Also, it makes life easier it uses "apt" command line (unlike Manjaro, but like Ubuntu).  WideOpenThoughts , DeeperThought , POPC-examples and QuickHenon worked smoothly as well. What happened to vi editor though? But unlike Ubuntu, you have Create New Empty Document, so I guess it's not that needed when I need to create new file. Now the not so good stuff. You don't need to hide behind Ubuntu (also - whoever cleans up all these entries... I have only 2 OSes on my machine...): Yes, you are behind "ubun

Once upon a time in Wynwood


OK, all right - I will reinstall tomorrow

  Linux and WiFi troubles after reboot I am pretty sure it's "plugged and turned on" - I am using it now on ... Update: Solution found From it:  " I dual booted Ubuntu 17.10 in my windows 10. While working in windows wifi works fine! But in Ubuntu it is always showing "No wifi adapter found, Make sure you have a wifi adapter plugged and turned on" Not getting any solutions online! Tried some of them but not working! Help please" Solution from it:  " I had the same problem. I resolved it by unchecking the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option. The option can be found under Device Manager → Network Adapters → your network adapter → Properties → Power Management. I guess it's more of a Windows problem than Ubuntu. " At least now I know who was switching off my wifi :)

This was quite SPECIAAAAAL and lovely

Fool me, baby, one more time I am becoming Sheryl  more and more each day Lie to me I promise I'll believe I am sure even George is giggling smiling from above Let's go jazzy  whatever this was way? SPECIAAAAAL Yes, very Addicting AGAAAAAIN

flagpy - cool python library

  Python script for above graph flagpy on PyPi flagpy on github

Just get vaccinated

More people vaccinated, less people die:  Python script  for above graph Red dots - different countries Blue line - linear regression based on red dots Get vaccinated

Testing Ubuntu 21.10

  Ubuntu 21.10 is out as of now, so it was time to test it out. Installation was a bit slower than usual, but it did work out just fine (for some reason first boot in did not work, but second time it worked - but my main PC does this often and I am not sure why). WideOpenThoughts , DeeperThought , POPC-examples and QuickHenon worked smoothly as well. Installation of Google Chrome worked through the website and download. Ubuntu 21.10 - so far so good :)

On failed marketing campaigns + breast cancer awareness month

  Breast Cancer Screening

Still far from over

  Number of deaths in 60 days / Number of new cases in 60 days in USA Death probability from new COVID cases again above 1%. Things are still quite far from over. Data source for graph: Luckily, more and more people are getting vaccinated: US vaccinations Vaccines

Minor criticism of publication 'Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists’ Performance in Breast Cancer Screening'

Publication  Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists’Performance in Breast Cancer Screening  is trying to detect cancer by using RESNETs. It does a better model by doing 4 RESNETs in parallel (instead of just single image). Yes, if cancer is found in CC and also MLO view, combining separate results should lead to improvement. What the model does not do the best way is how it combines the results: As you can see they combine results after average pooling. This completely disregards positions of found cancer in MLO and CC image, and position of cancer and that it is located on both views at the same place (relatively due to different view) could lead to further improvement of the results (there should be correlation between MLO and CC finding [position of cancer] on the same breast). From the publication: "Average pooling in all models is averaging globally across spatial dimensions in all feature maps." Also, usage of average pooling instead of max pooling is little question

Emerald Lake

  Emerald Lake 10,110 feet (3081m)

Sandbeach Lake

  Sandbeach Lake 10,320 feet (3145m)