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Feren OS - not your average Linux distro


Wow. What a positive surprise. I tried today Feren OS (based on YouTube recommendation) for the first time and I have to say I am quite pleased.

Let's start with the good stuff. During install, it gives you option to replace partition as it is done in Manjaro as well (Ubuntu - time to catch up):

And this just blew my mind - no more troubles to install my favorite Chrome and google how to do it on which distro:

You can switch GPU driver in Driver Manager:

Also, it makes life easier it uses "apt" command line (unlike Manjaro, but like Ubuntu). 

WideOpenThoughts, DeeperThought, POPC-examples and QuickHenon worked smoothly as well.

What happened to vi editor though? But unlike Ubuntu, you have Create New Empty Document, so I guess it's not that needed when I need to create new file.

Now the not so good stuff. You don't need to hide behind Ubuntu (also - whoever cleans up all these entries... I have only 2 OSes on my machine...):

Yes, you are behind "ubuntu" entry:

Over all - you might become my favorite distro (blurring + "apt" command + replace partition during install + Driver Manager + "Door" layout is quite pretty and giggly). Extra points for ability to determine which connection is fastest for downloading updates... Nice move.