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When you go to Whole Foods to do "Amazon return"

  I was doing Amazon return and when I saw it's at Whole Foods, I knew I am getting something extra tasty.

Fun game every day for a minute - Wordle


Just when I thought I found a perfect docking system

  I am slowly getting tired of switching cables between different computers, so I thought I look up docking station and I will be switching just one cable only. And then I saw those words... No linux docking station Yeah, I can wait. [My older surface doesn't have USB-C] No linux docking station II Seems like USB-A docking + 2 x 4k HDMI +  + ethernet + Linux + Windows is impossible to find Update: Hmmm... Maybe? Bit pricier though

When you finally find out who is the King of Everything 🤣

  Sex Education, Season 3

Loud and clear

  Once a while, it's nice to listen to music a bit louder than usual. I finally found pretty good & not too pricey setup.  Sony MDR7506 headphones (98$),  Douk Audio U3 Mini Class A Headphone Amplifier (42$) and  SoulBay 48W Universal AC Adapter DC (19$). While there is some minor (not very loud) frequency pushing through when no music is played, it gets lost once the music is on (hard to know what's the source - amplifier, ACDC adapter, Florida electricity or iPhone 🤷🏼‍♂️ - but the headphones sound pretty good and quite loud as well without the amplifier directly on iPhone and without the "frequency"). Over all with amplifier - not perfect, but good enough. On brighter side, these are definitely going to be by far my favorite headphones... (and yes - with amplifier it does get REAL loud) Loud & clear Mini setup with iPhone Update 01/20/2022: Seems like ACDC adapter was the weakest link causing the "frequency" noise. If you use provided USB cabl

You must be kidding me Apple

  Legally bought CD long time ago Converted into mp3 And I can't play it because of "This song is not currently available in your country or region" Are you kidding me? If you want me to switch to other non-Apple brand smartphone just send me an email, don't block my legally bought music NO - NOT OK and NOT even "OK" Update: Solution - remove all music from iPhone, make sure it's empty and sync again with entire library. While not only sync mechanism is broken, the error message is also wrong.

The "truth" did not last that long...

  Damn it! I actually liked this key-chain. Oh well. Veritas

My favorite movies 2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home Firebird  

When you post pictures way too late for a reason - Boston, MA


Comparing performance of programming languages with basic dictionary operation

  Previous dictionary python test Github code for performance tests Language Average Time (in seconds) PyPy 1.423 C++ 1.518 Rust 1.568 C# 1.87 * Go language 3.634 Pyston 13.186 Python 22.010 *  Measured on Windows