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One Web Forum

Leave any comment on any website

Comment on any web site out there anonymously, just displaying country where you posted from. No need to login, just pass the robot test! Discuss latest news, new products, travel tips or even Wikipedia article.

Real conversations with real people anywhere on the web.
Independent from web site provider.

One Web Forum For Google Chrome

To install One Web Forum for your Google Chrome web browser go to One Web Forum in Chrome Web Store or One Web Forum For Mozilla Firefox. If you have Chromium based Microsoft Edge, you can install on it One Web Forum from Chrome Web Store. [It works]

We do not store your IP address, we do not store your browsing history. We store only country where you commented from, timestamp of your comment, url on which you commented (up to question mark) and your comment. Here is our only table of our database:

We are not interested in your data.
We want to know your thoughts,
which you choose to share.

Active Users Countries (sorted by time of joining): United States, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, France, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Israel, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco.

[Original website for One Web Forum project was and is now redirected here]