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Optirol is software for optimal control of nonlinear systems, which can be described by ordinary differential equations. I wrote it during my external Ph.D. studies and is freely available on tucows. It was written in C# and hence is fully reversible.
First, I came up with algorithm which is based on subdivision algorithm:
And then I realized I can do it faster and even estimate the error:
  • P. Taraba: Optimal Control Mesh, Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, IAENG, October 2012
The software Optirol provides automatically setting files for three different systems:
Software contains three different screens:
Settings screen
Results Screen
Simulations Screen
It can be downloaded from these websites:
Finally, the algorithm got into my Ph.D. thesis as a chapter:
Enjoy free C# software!
[Original website for Optirol project was and is now redirected here]