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Small Bang

Small bang is an email client, which clusters (groups) your emails so that you can see all your related emails together. It also sorts your clusters by your priorities, so you do not miss a thing. It enables you to mark whole cluster as read, in case you have too many new "spam" messages and you want to mark them all as read with one click. If you click on an email it opens the message, so you can read it, reply to it, etc. All you need is account or Office365 account as the project was written using Microsoft's new Office Graph API. After you start the software, you will need to login by clicking on the small bang icon:
Now login using your or Office365 credentials:
Allow the Small Bang Email Client to access and update (mark as read) your emails:

Wait untill the progress bar stops running and the window disappears and your clusters are ready.
Just head to left side of your screen and your side bar with clusters and emails appears:


The code was written entirely in Microsoft's C# and is available on GitHub. Or you can download the software from Dropbox as zipped directory or as installer.

The clustering algorithm used in this software is described in:
Or you can read extended version of the publication in: